"Peace of Mind through Confidence"

About Us

Technical Advice on New and Existing Surface Finishing Facilities for all Industries and Applications.

More than 40 years experience of supplying and putting to work major plating line installations worldwide.

Reduce Possible New Capital Project Risks by Obtaining Specialist advice.

Resolve Performance and Technical Issues with Existing Facilities.

Technical and Project Management support with the following:

  • Conceptual Design.

  • Site Preparation Works.

  • Legal, Environmental and Health and Safety compliance.

  • Equipment Specification.

  • Quotation Comparison.

  • Commercial Risk.

  • Supplier Selection.

  • Design and Drawing Vetting.

  • Inspection Visits and Quality Compliance.

  • Project Review Meetings.

  • Factory Acceptance Tests.

  • Installed Article Tests.

  • Commissioning and Putting to Work.

  • Operator Training.

  • Technical Records and Documentation.

  • Dispute Mediation and Resolution.

  • Technical Investigations.

  • Using specialist knowledge gained from a working life on the supply side of the industry will greatly advantage the purchaser in his decision making process and offer peace of mind and reduction in risk factors.

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    Will Green FIMF
     e-mail: help@plating-line-advice.com